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For more than five years I’ve blogged about marriage, parenting, ministry, leadership, and reading. One of the primary reasons I started my blog years ago was to share book reviews and lessons learned from books. As a lifelong lover of books and reading, I’m in my happy place with a good book and some peace and quiet.

The problem I discovered, however, was that I read books but didn’t take the time to apply what I learned or share the main takeaways with others. In other words, I became a consumer of books. I made reading goals, and the goal was to hit my number of books read at any and all cost. It didn’t matter if I learned anything or shared with others. I just wanted to finish a set number of books.

A few years ago, I noticed two great traits from other friends who also loved reading. One compiled book notes from the books he read and shared them with others. The other person often quoted what he learned from a book. It was almost like he actually learned and remembered something (insert sarcasm). That’s exactly what he did! He paid attention to what he read.

To help me better process what I read in books and to be more helpful to others who probably don’t love reading as much as I do, I started doing book reviews on my blog. I made a rule (that I don’t always follow to a “T”) that if I finished a book, I would write a blog post about it or teach or share with others what I learned.

Around this time, I learned about Baker Books Bloggers. As a Baker writer myself (Ready or Knot? 12 Conversations Every Couple Needs to Have before Marriage), I was already partial to Baker Books. Around that time I also realized how many great authors published with Baker Books!

4 Reasons Why I Love Being a Baker Books Blogger

1. As a Baker Books Blogger, you get free books in exchange for a book review. You can get some of the best Christian books around for free. And in return, you’re held accountable to writing a review.

2. They provide a great variety of books, and unlike some other book review programs, they provide actual copies of the book instead of digital copies. You usually get to choose if you want a hard copy or ebook.

3. Early releases – I’ve loved being a part of this program. I hear about great new books, and I usually get them before they even come out.

4. One other reason I’m a big fan of Baker Books Bloggers is because I’ve benefitted from some great reviews from other bloggers who’ve reviewed my book. While Amazon reviews are extremely important, book reviews on blogs also provide enormous value. Without programs like this, new books might not get reviewed on blogs. This is especially beneficial for writers like myself who don’t have huge platforms. The program provides valuable exposure for authors, which is crucial in our increasingly “loud and noisy” culture.

If you’re a reader and a blogger, why not sign up for Baker Books Bloggers? You’ll get great books (for free) and some accountability to read and synthesize your thoughts. You’ll help your readers discern what to read (and what not to read) and you’ll be a great source of help and encouragement to Baker authors. Click here to find out more about Baker Books Bloggers.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.