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My book, Ready or Knot?: 12 Conversations Every Couple Needs to Have before Marriage officially launches today—Tuesday, February 5, 2019. I’m so grateful this day has finally arrived and I’m READY (pun intended) for this book to hit the world!

At the beginning or end of most books you’ll find a section called the Acknowledgements that many people either gloss over or skip completely. That’s not what I do when I read a book. Rather, I agree with fellow Baker author Anne Bogel from her book I’d Rather Be Reading. Bogel says,

I’m still more likely than not to skip over a critic’s introduction to the twentieth anniversary edition of a book, but I no longer skip the acknowledgments. And I don’t just read them—I read them first, before I read anything else in the pages. And then, if they’re good, I’ll probably read them again. And again and again, just to myself, or out loud to whoever is around to listen.

I feel the same way about the Acknowledgement section of a book. Now on the other side of writing a book, I have an even greater appreciation for this section, because those mentioned in the Acknowledgements are largely the ones who helped bring a book to fruition. While usually just one person gets their name on the cover of the page, many are responsible for the final product.

Bogel goes on to say that “in the best acknowledgements, their gratitude spills off the page.” I won’t claim to have the best acknowledgements or that my gratitude spills off the page, but I sure hope that message shines through. I have been given so much, and I pray I steward it well. A small army has helped make this book come to fruition, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Here’s a shortened summary of the acknowledgement section of Ready or Knot?.

A few years ago, I put together a small team to help me write the original book proposal. They helped brainstorm the topics, the target audience, and the framework of the book. They even came up with the title (which I think is so good).

Gary Thomas wrote the Foreword for the book. His books have had a profound impact on my life, and I’m humbled and grateful for the words he penned to start this book. If you read Ready or Knot?, don’t skip the Foreword!

I interviewed 12 couples for the book. They shared their wisdom, struggles, and victories, and did so with Truth and authenticity. They were open-handed with every part of their stories and the reader will benefit from their wisdom.

I hired Chad Allen as a writing coach a few years ago. Chad helped me craft my proposal and message and was my foot in the door at Baker Books. He challenged me when I needed to be challenged, and encouraged me when I needed a word to lift my spirits. Baker Books has been incredible to work with. The editing, cover, graphics, and marketing have been on point! They’ve been fantastic partners.

I didn’t get to meet her until after the book was written and printed, but Amy Odland has been the Launch Team manager and has done such a great job with this rookie!! Speaking of Launch Teams… shout out to the Ready or Knot? Launch Team crew who read the book early, posted reviews, and spread the word via social media – thank you!! I wish I could list all your names.

I work and serve at the greatest church on the planet. The elders and leadership team, staff, marriage team, and body of Christ at Watermark Community Church have inspired me, taught me, sharpened me, and so much more. Our church teaches and follows a biblical view of marriage, and they have opened every door possible to make this book a success and for the message of the book to affect many couples. Let’s go, Church!

One of my favorite chapters in the book is on community and friendships. Life is so much Better Together! I won’t list them by name because there are too many and I’m sure I’d forget someone(s) important, but I’m grateful for our community, both our formal community group (of four other couples) and our informal network of friends who have prayed, supported, encouraged, and challenged me along the way. And I’m so thankful for both of our families and support we’ve gotten from my side and Kristen’s side. Life is so much better together.

And how can I rightly capture my gratitude for my family? My four boys have sacrificed time with their dad the last few years and they’ve supported me all along the way. Your daddy is so proud to call you my sons.

You can argue with me, but there’s probably not a better spouse on Planet Earth than Kristen Kedersha. Anyone who knows her would probably agree that she is the epitome of the selfless, sacrificial spouse. She has “carried the rock” more times than I can count while we’ve worked on this book. Her name may not be on the cover, but no human being has done more to make this book happen than my wife.

Last, it’s not lost on me that 21 years ago, I was as lost as a goose (as they say). I had no spiritual foundation to my life and was floundering spiritually. I don’t know why God chose to save me, but He did, and EVERYTHING is now different in my life because of Jesus. As I said in the book, He did took this mess of a human being and made something beautiful out of it. That’s what He does. Thank you, Jesus.

It may not happen in the book, but know that my gratitude spills off the page and off the screen. Thank you.

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