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Welcome to another round of great Stuff I Like from around the interwebs. It’s been almost two months since my last edition, and I found a bunch of great stuff to share with you. We had a full day yesterday, so a typical Saturday post comes to you on Sunday.

But first, a confession: I can get so consumed by all the stuff out there on the internet. I love to read blogs, listen to podcasts, and search my feed on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I’m trying to cut back, and that’s partly why I put together Stuff I Like. I hope you don’t comb through the masses out there, and this is my best attempt to curate some great stuff for you and compile it in one place.


  • For those of you out there with tweens – The Top 5 Middle School Problems Tweens Face. I discussed this one with my almost-13-year-old twins. As you remember, those middle school years can try a young man or woman’s soul. This article helped me better understand and remember some of the challenges tweens face in middle school.
  • I found myself intrigued with this article by Michael Hyatt: Recovering the Lost Art of Note Taking. As someone who’s gone back and forth between analog and digital, I resonate with what Hyatt shared and continue to retreat back to good old pen and paper note taking. Of course, many advantages exist for both, but more and more I’m going back to hard copy books instead of Kindle and pen and paper instead of digital.
  • In 2000, I remember attending the Passion: One Day event in Memphis, Tennessee. All of my favorites spoke and led worship (Louie Giglio, Voddie Baucham, Beth Moore, Chris Tomlin, Christy Nochels, and others). I also remember this old guy who spoke: John Piper. I laughed and wondered why this old dude was speaking at an event for college students and young adults. On the other side, I now have a great deal of respect and love for Piper. His talk was the highlight for me – How John Piper’s Seashells Swept Over a Generation (article and video).
  • This Is About That. I’m obsessed with this short video about marriage. We will show this one in our premarried Merge class, and I can’t wait to use this to illustrate what marriage is really about. “Marriage, Paul says, refers to Christ and the Church. This video has been produced by Kings Church Eastbourne to show at the beginning of our wedding ceremonies, illustrating how the symbolism of marriage reflects the Christian gospel.”

What I’m Reading:

  • James For You, by Sam Alberry. We’re reading the book of James in our community group, and this book has been a great companion as we study James. So far I like all the commentaries I’ve used in this series (Galatians, Judges, Romans 1-7). They’re accessible for any reader.

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