Scott Kedersha Stuff I Like Saturdays

Some great stuff, that I like, recently found on the interwebs:

Here’s some Stuff I Like:

  • 5 Ways to Not Be Helicopter Parents – One more from All Pro Dad. I wrote this one based on an article I shared in last month’s Stuff I Like Saturday post about some potential parenting mistakes many parents make.
  • The Golden Rule in Christian Dating, Marshall Segal, Desiring God – Great article – this is what we all need in life – we need to lean hard on the people who know us best, love us the most, and will tell us when we’re wrong.
  • Best Year Ever LifeScore Assessment – Michael Hyatt has had a big impact on my blogging and writing. Every year he does an online class called Best Year Ever. He just released an online assessment called the LifeScore Assessment. You can take the assessment for free – I thought it was pretty cool and I’d recommend you check it out!
  • If you haven’t seen it before, you’ll definitely want to check out my Date Night Guide – 124 Killer Date Night Ideas! You’ll need to subscribe to my blog to get the guide. But, I promise it’s worth it (plus you can always unsubscribe once you download the guide).

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