Scott Kedersha Stuff I Like Saturdays

It’s been a while since I put together a Stuff I Like post. In this (supposed to be weekly) series, I usually share a few great resources I found online on other sites. Today’s is a little different because:

  1. It’s Friday and not Saturday, when I usually send this out.
  2. I’m sharing a few resources I enjoy and a couple of guest blog posts I wrote for some other sites.

1. Journaling – Some people love it, some hate it, some don’t know where to start. My friend Jeff Parker just interviewed me with seven questions on spiritual intimacy and journaling. I hope you’re encouraged. Also, I want you to know about the journal Jeff made. It’s called the Double Edged Notes journal. I use it and I love it. It’s my favorite journal and I’d encourage you to both check out their site (full of great resources on why/how/when to journal) and check out the journal itself. I only promote stuff on this site that I personally use and love.

2. Some of you know I went through a set of job transitions (all at Watermark) within the last 12 months. After nine years of basically being in the same role, I have changed roles two times in the last year (three different roles). In this guest post on Orange Leaders, I share How I Discovered My Sweet Spot in LeadershipThe post is written about ministry, but the principles apply to any job. The last year has been humbling in some ways, but I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learned during these job transitions.

3. Date Night! Many of you know I like to write often about dating your spouse (or significant other before marriage). My friends at Datebox have put together a great resource to help couples date and pursue each other well. Every month is a totally different date, with a unique theme and fun, creative contents. I’d encourage you to check it out! If you subscribe to Datebox through this link, you get $10 off and I get $10 off! You save money, I save money, you get a great date night. Win-Win-Win (bonus reference for all of you Office fans out there).

Next week I’ll be back with my usual Stuff I Like Saturdays. Next week’s version is dedicated to dating your significant other well.