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A few weeks ago I shared how I have struggled with my eating the last few months. I am grateful for two weeks of good food decisions and clean eating. As always, I see the value of community, avoiding isolation and taking a long term view to my sins and struggles. It’s been helpful to practice what I preach!

In Stuff I Like Saturdays, I like to share a few posts/articles/resources I came across in the past few weeks that I believe are interesting or helpful reads. Enjoy!

A little something for everyone this week/weekend:

1. On My Wedding Day. I officiated a wedding last weekend and am doing another one later this evening. I sent both couples this article to read before their wedding and will send this article to every couple I marry moving forward. Outstanding read for any couple – seriously dating, engaged, newly married or not-so-newly married. Thank you, Marshall Segal and Desiring God.

2. 4 Ways Leaders Should Rebuke and Challenge. Enjoyed this post from Eric Geiger on how to biblically confront, challenge and rebuke others. I believe this is challenging for most of us because we have not had good conflict resolution modeled well.

3. The Porch, Watermark’s Young Adult Ministry, is in the middle of a series on dating called Save The Date. If you are dating someone, want to date and marry someone or know someone who wants to get married, read this and watch these.

4. 5 Enjoyable Weekend Habits That Set You Up For Success from Entrepreneur. Really enjoyed this one – 5 simple ways to enjoy your weekend. I especially liked #3.

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