Scott Kedersha Stuff I Like Saturdays

Today I start a new series on my blog I have wanted to start for a while: Stuff I Like Saturdays. Basically, every Saturday, I plan on sharing a random collection of blog posts I like, books I am reading, podcasts I am listening to, movies I watched, or basically anything from the past week I really like.

My hope is that I can share with you, the reader, a collection of random things out there that are consistent with what I typically share on my blog. I hope you enjoy Stuff I Like Saturdays!

1. Two posts on taking notes. Many of us have gone digital on note-taking (in class, meetings and in church), but Joseph Stromberg writes why we should take notes by hand, not on a computer. And, if you are a hand-writing-type person, check out the Bullet Journal and Rapid Logging.

2. If you haven’t noticed by the soaring temperatures or the fact that kids are out of school, summer is upon us. If you have kids, here are a few resources to help make your summer significant!

3. Pretty much everything releases. I love their Shareable Images and especially enjoyed one of their recent posts: 5 Habits for a Healthy Marriage.

4. I share this one simply because of 2 of my alma matters are on this list (The 25 Most Beautiful Campuses in America): Wake Forest University and Emory University. Where are you, Dallas Theological Seminary?

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