Scott Kedersha Ministry/Leadership

I am EXCITED about our week ahead as I take a few days off of writing new posts while we host our first ever Marriage Ministry Conference at my home church, Watermark Community Church. For the next three days, marriage ministry leaders from across the country will gather together in order to be encouraged, inspired and equipped to create a marriage ministry movement in the local church. 

Here is why we are doing what we’re doing:

Over the last 12 years, Watermark has done everything we can to prepare nearly weds, establish newlyweds, and enrich and restore all marriages in our church and community. We’ve made mistakes, learned a lot, and seen amazing life change. We are still learning and have a deep desire to help others help marriages. We believe the church is called to do something…

We are gathering together because Marriage Matters. Our staff team and leaders have been working hard for months to see this dream come to fruition, and starting this morning, it’s Game Time! Please pray with us and pray for us.

You can follow along on Twitter (@m2conference) and on Instagram (@m2conference) over the next three days.

Also check our my friends Brad & Kate at One Flesh Marriage. So glad they are joining us for the conference! Brad and Katie will tweet and blog their way through the conference.