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One year ago from the release of this post, Ready or Knot? 12 Conversations Every Couple Needs to Have before Marriage hit the world. I’ve been so encouraged by the feedback and stories I’ve heard from couples who’ve read the book and it’s hard to believe it’s been a year!

To celebrate Ready or Knot?’s birthday I’m giving away a few copies of the book. Keep reading…

I loved getting to write this book. It has been a dream come true and I hope to write another one (or many more!). It comes at a high cost (as does any dream), but I hope I’ll get the privilege of writing another marriage book. I loved seeing it come together and really enjoyed getting to work with the team at Baker Books. They did an incredible job on graphics, design, editing, and the book is so much better because of their care and expertise. The cover alone is evidence of their great work!

I did not enjoy the marketing and publicity side. Some thrive at this part of the book process. I tolerated it at best. I enjoyed getting to be on podcasts and getting to share the message of the book, but I don’t enjoy self-promotion, even if I believe whole-heartedly in the message.

Sales for the book have exceeded my and the publisher’s expectations. As many told me, you don’t make much money off writing books, but you don’t write for the money. I’m grateful for the impact the book has made, the relationships that have changed, and the way the truth about the Lord and the gospel of Jesus Christ have been proclaimed.

Today I am sharing some podcasts I’ve been on, some highlights of reviews, and a few stories I’ve heard.


A list of some of the podcasts I’ve been on where I discuss Ready or Knot?

Book Reviews

And a few stories…

I’ve tried not to read the reviews on Amazon or Goodreads about the book. I don’t want to get an inflated head or get discouraged. Below are quotes from a few emails I’ve received over the last year.

From Jesse – “Hi Scott, I just wanted to say thank you so much for Ready or Knot! My fiancé and I finished the book about 2 weeks ago, just prior to our engagement. There were so many challenging and thought provoking questions, things neither of us would have ever considered before. I am so confident we have prepared ourselves for a great marriage, much of that confidence can be attributed to you and what God has done through you. The chapter on Emotional Intimacy was a real standout, all 12 were great – but we really loved that one. Thank you for the book and thank you for your obedience to answer God’s call and write it.

From Tiffany – “As a counselor, I’ve read pretty much everything out there when it comes to marriage and pre-marriage books and this one takes the cake. It is biblical, authentic, thorough, yet succinct. I love the way Scott writes with such an authentic voice. He provides real life couple examples, Scripture references, and application questions for individual and couple discussion. The topics covered are fantastic and essential for premarital preparation. I highly recommend Ready or Knot!

Several friends have shared they broke up their dating relationship and engagement after reading the book as they realized they weren’t ready for the commitment of marriage.

Some of my favorite comments have come from couples married 25+ years who still learned and grew through reading the book. I hope that’s my posture, that I never stop learning and growing!

Birthday Giveaways!

You can find more information about Ready or Knot? through this page. Check out the endorsements from some of my spiritual heroes and friends.

To celebrate Ready or Knot?’s birthday, I’m giving away four copies of the book—2 hard copies, one audiobook, and one Kindle copy.

To win, leave a comment below answering the following question: “What’s your favorite way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary?”

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