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I am a great starter and a classically poor finisher. Give me a 30-day workout plan and I will start with the gusto of an Olympic athlete and finish with the grace of a gold-medal coach potato. This trait of starting strong and finishing poorly has contributed to so many of my sin struggles in my life (See Reason #3 in my post, 3 Ways I Lost My Battle With Sin).Finishing Well

For this reason, I was excited to pick up the book Finishing Well, Finishing Strong (A Romans 12 Disciple), by Jim Grassi. I want to learn how to not just start well and start strong, but to finish well and finish strong.

Overall, I liked this book by Grassi. The book is an easy read, is full of good stories and relevant scripture, and includes very practical counsel on how to finish well and finish strong. Specifically, I appreciated the way Grassi ended every chapter with a clear personal activity and mentor activity. The suggested activities are both helpful and practical. I think this book would be ideal to read in a men’s small group or can be used by a mentor as he spends time and disciples his mentee(s).

Below are a few of my highlights from the book:

  • Chapter 1 – Grassi unpacks what it means to finish well and finish strong. The goal is not just to finish or stumble across the finish line, but to finish with strong character. Our focus needs to be on doing what is important rather than being important.
    • The stated goal of the book is to help us understand what it means to live like Jesus, and to see the practical, day-to-day ways that we can thoroughly imitate His model.
  • Grassi addresses the fear of failure that often holds us back from finishing well and strong. Many times I have not finished out of fear.
  • He continually emphasizes the need to be teachable. Sometimes I have not finished because I have chosen my own wisdom instead of the wisdom from above (James 3:17) or the counsel of others. In the end, my way leads to death (Proverbs 14:12). May we always be teachable and humble as we seek to follow Jesus.
  • Practically he challenges the reader to think through the best, next step we can take to finish well and strong. While we do need to have a long-term plan, we also need to know the next step to take today to push us towards the goal.

Some of the activities and suggestions can be cliché (i.e. the years on your tombstone don’t matter nearly as much as what happens in the dash between those years, write your epitaph), and at times the book can be dry. Beyond that, Grassi has put together a very helpful resource that can be used by men and mentors in helping others to finish well and finish strong.

Just because you start well and start strong, does not mean that you will finish well and finish strong.

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