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I’m giddy with excitement that my first book, Ready or Knot?: 12 Conversations Every Couple Needs to Have before Marriage, is available for pre-order. The book comes out on February 5th, 2019, and can be bought wherever books are sold. You can pre-order now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target,, Baker Books, and Christian Audio. It will also be available from Audible soon.

For many reasons, Pre-orders are very important. If you’re planning on buying the book, please do. I put together a few fantastic bonuses for those of you who pre-order the book. When books are pre-ordered, they get more notice with the publisher and book sellers. Pre-orders affect the algorithms that determine which books you see whenever you visit Amazon. You know how sometimes you see “Recommended Books” from Amazon on their homepage? Those come from your prior search/purchase history along with more frequently purchased books. So the more a book like Ready or Knot? is purchased, the more likely it shows up on someone else’s Amazon page. Pre-orders play a huge role in a book’s placement on Amazon.

As I mentioned, to help encourage folks to pre-order the book, I put together three bonuses you’ll be able to download.

What are these pre-order bonuses you speak of, Scott?

I thought you’d never ask! Baker Books and I put together three bonuses and I love the way they came out! You’ll get:

1. A 7-day prayer guide: 7 Ways to Pray on the Week of Your Wedding. This bonus is a 10-page PDF (beautifully designed) that provides 7 ways for a bride or groom to pray on the week of their wedding. While written for engaged couples, the content 100% applies to any married couple who wants to pray for their marriage. The guide was inspired by a friend who asked me to share with him 7 traits he should pray about to help him be a godly husband. I even added a bonus 8th characteristic perfect for the wedding day.

2. How to Have Your Best Christmas: 10 Tips for Couples. This 14-page guide (also beautifully designed) includes 10 tips to make your holidays great, a page of holiday date night ideas, and a page of expectation questions to ask each other to help thrive during the holidays. I know this would have been good to have a few months ago, but you can save it up for the 2019 holidays. Kristen and I have taught this material to newlyweds and to couples married for decades. The content is helpful, biblical, and practical. I love the way it came out.

3. The Ready or Knot Audio Series: A 6-session audio series that includes some behind the scenes from me and Kristen, as well as short interviews with some friends on topics such as communication, money, affair-proofing your marriage, and how to pursue each other well. I’m excited about the way the series is coming together.

For the last two years, I’ve wanted to do a marriage podcast. This series has only further lit my fire to do one. I’m confident you’ll enjoy every one of the six sessions. And I kept them brief and to the point. Each session lasts about 10-13 minutes. No one else will get this content except for those of you who pre-order the book.

How do I access these bonuses you speak of, Scott?

Again, I thought you’d never ask!

1. Pre-order Ready or Knot? from any retailer (in any format—paperback, ebook, audiobook). You can find any of the retailers on my book webpage. Look for your order/invoice number from your receipt.

2. Fill out this brief form. You’ll need the order/invoice number and you’ll fill out a few other details.

3. The bonuses will head your way within 24 hours.

If you already pre-ordered the book, THANK YOU!! I know it feels kind of weird to order something a few weeks before it comes out, but thanks in advance for pre-ordering. After February 5th, those bonuses will go away and you’ll miss out on some great, bonus content.

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